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The weight bag from XS Scuba is a must-have item for any local divers. It’s been tested over time for one task and one task only, and that’s hauling lead to the dive site. Whether you rent or own your own lead weights, moving them around can be difficult. If you leave your weights in your BCD, you risk damaging it. If you leave it loose in your car, the lead can do some serious damage when you hit a pothole. That’s why the XS Scuba weight bag is the perfect bag to keep your equipment safe

Tried and Tested Features

This bag is designed specifically to help you load and unload your diving weights. It can handle up to 60 lbs (27 kg) of standard lead weight without any issues. The bag was designed with a large, U-shaped zippered opening to give you room, as well as with a PVC reinforced bottom for durability and a long life. No bag does a better job at keeping your weights safe while also making them easy to transport.

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