Retractable SuperTilt Compass

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Accurate, works well when tilted, and easy to use. The XS Scuba Retractable Super Tilt Compass is a dependable product.
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It’s a fact that many divers take compasses for granted. But if you’ve ever used a poorly-designed or improperly functioning compass, you know that a good one is hard to come by. That’s why XS Scuba designed a dependable and secure compass. The Retractable Super Tilt Compass has two purposes: a convenient side with large, easy-to-read indicators on a luminescent display, and a ratchet bevel that can be rotated even with thick drysuit gloves on the other.


The Retractable Super Tilt Compass features top and side reading, twin heading indicators, luminescent dial for low or night dive conditions, can attach to BCD to eliminate wrist mount, auto retracts, and comes complete with a rubber boot. It has everything you need, including a coated stainless steel retractor cord, so that you’re prepared for navigation.

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