Rattle Pointer with Clip

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There’s a reason why this accessory is known as the Swiss-Army Knife of Scuba equipment.
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The Scuba Rattle Pointer from XS Scuba is a tool that offers versatility above all. The tool itself is comprised of a short stick, made of a corrosive-resistant metal, with a clip at one end and a rattle on the other end. The clip allows you to attach a lanyard to use the tool in a variety of different ways.

Signal Device

The Rattle Pointer can be used as a signal device in different situations. It’s a great way to grab your buddy’s attention to point out a cool critter, or for a divemaster to get the group's attention underwater. The sound the rattle makes is loud, which makes it a good tool to use in case of an emergency

Key Features

Other features of the Rattle Pointer include a built-in clip, strong metal construction, and a pointer for various uses. This is the perfect tool, no matter if you’re a beginner or an instructor.

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