Mini Retractor

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The Mini Retractor is great for when you need the power of a retractor, but in a small size.
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The Mini Retractor from XS Scuba is small, compact, and is perfect for cutting down on clutter. Sometimes less is more! Attach the Mini Retractor to your vest with the Delrin/stainless steel snap hook, and attach your accessories to the stainless steel split ring.

Built-In Quick Release

XS Scuba’s Mini Retractor comes equipped with a built-in quick release function. This allows you to detach your gear with ease, no matter the situation. With an extension length of 25” having the quick release function is great for safety, as well as for keeping your accessories in top shape.

Other Features

The Mini Retractor’s cord is made of a coated stainless steel to ensure maximum security. Plus, the stainless steel won’t wear out! The retractor also has a pull force of 9 ounces, and is perfect for holding all sorts of accessories.

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