Cylinder Boot for steel tank 7.25”

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Cylinders made of steel have rounded bottoms, which means you need to have a cylinder boot.
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XS Scuba’s Cylinder Boots are top-of-the-line products, manufactured using the highest quality injection-molded construction, and features self-draining capacity and a durable design. Equipped with an octagonal rim, the boot is made to prevent the cylinder from rolling while it is lying down. The boot also serves to protect the cylinder from abrasion, damage and potential hazards. Designed for cylinders with a 7.25’’ (18.4 cm) diameter.


  • High quality injection-molded construction
  • Durable Octagon rim prevents side rolling and is self-draining
  • Round rim design is made for twins and boat racks
  • Color: black
  • Available in three diameters


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