Thermo DIN Valve

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The Thermo DIN valve from XS Scuba is designed to have a long life and to work under heavy use. It is the perfect choice for a DIN Valve, with all the same perks as the Thermo Pro valve.
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Made of marine grade brass with triple bright chrome plating, this valve is meant to last. Precision machined from high tension brass and chrome plated valve stems extend the life of the valve by years. The valve is cleaned for pre-blended Nitrox up to 40% FO2. Includes Viton O-rings, and is lubricated with Christo-Lube MGC-111 Lubricant. Equipped with a soft rubber wheel, copper crush washer sealed bonnets, one-piece safety plug, hex wrench Dip Tube and fits nearly all aluminum and modern steel cylinders. The essential choice for the serious diver. 

  • Dedicated 300 bar DIN outlet
  • Only DIN first stage attachment
  • Air service only
  • Available in two service pressures
    • 3000 psi
    • 3442 psi


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