Vyper Novo Dive Computer

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Suunto’s Vyper Novo is the perfect dive computer for when you’re ready to get to the next level. A great dive computer with optional air integration and nitrox capabilities

A great dive computer with optional air integration and nitrox capabilities

The Vyper has been revamped by Suunto and is now the Vyper Novo. This dive computer is robust and ideal for divers who need an advanced upgrade. Optional air integration lets you upgrade when you do, and the clear display will come in handy no matter what kind of diver you are. The Vyper Novo is also water activated and features a solid design that can handle harsh environments with ease. As a dive computer than grows with you, the Vyper Novo is a great price for the features you’re getting.

The Zoop’s big brother

Although the Zoop Novo and the Vyper Novo look similar, the Vyper is a significant upgrade. The Zoop Novo has all the classic features, as well as some intuitive upgrades that makes for a great entry-level computer. The Vyper Novo, on the other hand, features multigaz-capability and optional air integration, and is also a bit larger than the Zoop, making the display easier to read. It truly is an upgrade from the Zoop.

Gas switching with up to 3 gases- up to 100% Oxygen

The Vyper Novo is on par with other dive computers in both its feature and price range. Gas switching with up to 3 gases is a feature that any diver can grow into, while still appreciating the other great benefits of the computer. As a nitrox-compatible computer, the Vyper Novo stands out because of its price. It boasts many of the top features available to experienced divers while staying within a relative price range.

3D tilt-compensated compass

Like many top-rated computers, the Vyper Novo comes equipped with a 3D tilt-compensated compass for better navigation in harsh environments and low-light situations. Tilt compensation allows for the diver to move in any position and still find their direction. This feature is a significant upgrade from any entry-level computer.

User-changeable battery

Doing a quick battery change in the field is simple with the Vyper Novo. Suunto battery kits are available both online and at Total Diving for a battery change. You no longer have to worry if you’re away from home and see you’re at low battery.


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