EON Core dive computer

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The EON Core is the perfect dive companion whether you are a beginner or are a seasoned veteran ready to explore new depths.

Its compact design doesn't take away from the large, easy-to-read clear colour display with prominent digits.

The EON Core is fully-featured and customizable, making it a reliable partner no matter what kind of dive you are on. It features updatable software, customization options, and wireless connectivity. Available in black, white and lime.

The perfect full-colour display computer for any diver

From entry-level to advanced, divers from all walks of life will love the EON Core from Suunto. The full-colour display makes reading digits easier than ever, with large fonts and high-contrast colours that are legible in harsh environments and at night. The EON Core is also highly customizable, to fit the habits of any diver. With an intuitive menu system, easy-to-use interface, RGBM (Reduced Gradient Bubble Model) algorithm and a great battery life, the EON Core is the perfect dive companion.

Air-Integrated Technology

Wireless tank pressure readings with the Suunto Tank POD makes your dives feel more streamlined. With air-integration, the EON Core is the ultimate dive computer. Having your tank pressure available to you on your watch is a game-changer! The Suunto Tank POD is not included, because the other features on the watch can be used without wireless tank pressure readings.

Compact and comfortable

The EON Core is not only compact, but is also lightweight and comfortable on any wrist. The elastomer strap (or bungee) attaches easily to the composite case for any configuration. The buttons are large and are meant to be easy to press with gloves on. Suunto has eliminated all bulky qualities of the EON, and has added stunning colours such as Lime.

Rechargeable battery

Forget complicated battery changes, expensive trips to a foreign dive shop and other battery woes. The EON Core features a USB rechargeable battery that will work with you no matter where your next adventure takes you. One full charge gives you between 10 and 20 hours of battery life, so that you won’t get caught with a low-battery on the boat.

For all kinds of diving

The Suunto EON Core features five modes: Air, Gauge, Nitrox, Trimix and Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR, fixed point). While this dive computer is suited for all divers, advanced and technical divers who dive frequently will appreciate Suunto’s Fused RGBM algorithm for maximum dive time. The EON Core eliminates the need for a seperate CCR-compatible computer, and can also connect wirelessly with up to 10 Suunto Tank PODs for tank and gas information. Additionally, the EON Core features a tilt-compensated 3D compass for easy navigation. As you grow as a diver, the EON Core works seamlessly with you every step of the way.

User-updatable software

Suunto releases periodic software updates to ensure that each of its dive computers are running as smoothly as possible. You won’t have to worry about your computer becoming outdated with user-updatable software, featured with the EON Core.

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