D6i Novo Series Dive Watch Computer

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The D6i Novo from Suunto is the watch that you can dive in and wear to the office.

This robust dive computer from Suunto is equipped with all the latest features. It’s a serious computer for the veteran adventurer, but it also doubles up as the perfect accessory for your next meeting. It’s a refined, watch-sized computer that was built for anything. Choose between 6 styles make a great addition to your dive kit and your civilian wardrobe!

Air Integrated Technology

The D6i novo is air integrated, which means that when it’s paired with the Suunto Transmitter, all your tank pressure readings are on your wrist. Wireless tank pressure readings with the Suunto Transmitter makes your dives feel more streamlined. Air integration makes the D6i novo the ultimate dive computer. Having your tank pressure available on your wrist is a game changer because not only does it eliminate an extra hose, but it gives you extra statistics on how much air you’re consuming, and more.

Tilt-Compensated Compass

The D6i Novo features a powerful tilt-compensated 3D digital compass for security and maximum navigation. The compass is conveniently located from the home screen, and works as an ideal replacement for a physical compass. The D6i Novo’s compass is reliable and unlike analog compasses, the tilt feature allows the diver to be in any position to use the compass. This feature is essential to any diver especially since it makes navigating easy and uncomplicated.

Suunto RGBM and Other Features

This computer features Suunto’s patented computing algorithm- the Reduced Gradient Bubble Model. It works as a full continuous decompression algorithm that is unique to Suunto’s line of product. The D6i Novo also features 5 modes, including freediving, and gas-switching between up to 3 gases. This model also features timers in air, nitrox, and freediving, as well as steel casing and sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating for protection. The watch also provides details graphical logs and advanced dive data after every adventure.

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