Total Diving Rewards

Get discounts, equipment and free courses by shopping at Total Diving! With the Total Diving Rewards program, it's easy to have more of what you love. You earn points when shopping in store and you can redeem them for discounts. Whether it's equipment or free courses, there are plenty of ways to use your points so you can buy more of what you want. Each dollar spent will give you one point of Total Diving Rewards. Make purchases to accumulate points and then exchange them for equipment, services or discounts. The more you spend, the more you earn.

Earn 1 point per dollar spent. VIP members will receive 1.5 points for every dollar spent

Points value

Examples of points value

  • Receive a $ 10 discount for 250 points
  • Receive a discount of $ 20 for 500 points
  • Receive a discount of $ 50 for 1250 points
  • Receive a discount of $ 100 for 2500 points

Examples of points redemptions for points or services

  • Total Diving cap for 50 points
  • Tank air filling for 50 points
  • Visual inspection of tank for 150 points
  • BCD maintenance for 450 points
  • Regulator maintenance for 1000 points

Sign up for your Total Diving Rewards

Your registration must be done in store during a future purchase. You’ll earn Total Diving reward points for that purchase the moment you confirm your registration. Registration is free. During your next purchase, simply supply your mobile phone number and you will receive a text message to confirm your registration.

Check your reward balance

To check your current point balance, you can access it directly from your phone. Two simple clicks will allow you to know the discounts to which you are entitled. It’s simple, fast and user-friendly.

Exclusive Offers Total Diving Rewards

Total Diving Rewards members will receive exclusive discount offers via email or text message. These are our most generous offers, why not go for it?

How do Total Diving rewards work?

You do not need to add another card to your already full wallet, since the system is automatic and is generated by our cash register system. As soon as you register, you'll start earning points and will be able to start redeeming them on your next purchase. You can track the progress of your rewards account using your mobile device. Our store staff will be able to provide you information on available offers.

Where can I earn points?

With Total Diving Rewards, you'll earn valuable points for every purchase you make in store.

How to earn points?

For every $ 1 spent, you earn one Total Diving Rewards point. Some exclusions apply, for example, no points are earned on the purchase of gift cards, but you can earn points when buying products with gift cards.

You must activate your account to begin earning points, you can start on your next in store purchase;).

How to use my points?

You can view your offers at any time and redeem your points for discounts, free items and services or training.

Terms and conditions

  • Although no purchase is necessary to join the Total Diving Rewards Program, purchases are required to earn Total Diving Rewards points.
  • You must have and keep a valid email address in your Direct Rewards account to keep your program active.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any points at any time without notice for any reason. Total Diving Rewards points have no monetary value.
  • Points will not be awarded for purchases made prior to registration.
  • Points are not awarded for shipping charges or taxes.
  • Points are awarded after any discount used on equipment / services purchased with coupons or other means.


Points are deducted from returned items. If you no longer have points in your account (if you have used them all) when you make a return, we reserve the right to reduce the value of your refund or set a negative point balance to your account.

End of the program

In the case the program termination, the remaining points will be lost as of that date.

Total Diving, at its discretion, reserves the right to modify the rules, terms and conditions of the program, as well as, cancel the program at any time and without notice.

Private life

Total Diving takes your privacy seriously. Read our full privacy statement to find out how we protect your information.