Quebec Diving Permit

In Quebec, there are laws and regulations concerning scuba diving.

The FQAS doesn’t like to call it a permit, even though many divers in Quebec call it the “FQAS permit”. The real name of the document is the “Certificate of Qualification in Recreational Scuba Diving” from the Quebec Government. A little long, right? To make this text a bit easier to read, we’ll refer to it as the “certificate”.

This diving certificate is issued by the FQAS (Fédération Québécoise des Activités Subaquatiques or Quebec Underwater Federation) which was mandated by the government of Quebec to ensure the safety of our scuba divers. Your diving school, Total Diving Montreal, works closely with the FQAS. Since the beginning of these diving regulations, we’ve issued hundreds of certifications to PADI Open Water Divers and other levels.

You do not need to hold a Quebec certificate to complete your training with Total Diving Montreal, regardless of the level. The certificate is only necessary for divers who will dive in recreational and autonomous situations, with a dive buddy, in Quebec.

The certificate does not replace your PADI c-card, since it is only required if you dive in Quebec for fun. The PADI diver certification card is good for life. However, the Quebec certificate has to be renewed every 3 years.

Total Diving is happy to make the process easy for you. After your PADI certification with Total Diving, you’ll have quick access to the Quebec certificate. All of our dive instructors are mandated by the FQAS to issue the certificate.

The Quebec certificate (aka the FQAS permit) aims to standardize the requirements for all agencies, to assure that there is a minimum standard for scuba diving in Quebec. It works like the professional order that controls our education standards. The big difference is that the FQAS prints certificates, while the Ministry of Education takes care of surveillance as well.

Your Total Diving instructor will issue you a Quebec certificate depending on your level of training:

Total Diving will help you with your renewal and take care of all the administrative details. All you have to do is complete at least 10 dives in 3 years. Total Diving Montreal plans plenty of dive trips. There’s no need to worry. Come diving with us, we’ll have fun.

In the event that it’s impossible for you to complete your 10 dives in 3 years, don’t worry about it. You have the option to upgrade with us or to simply redo your certification. We have several options tailored to your needs.

Diving instructors in Quebec must hold a teaching permit, according to the regulations in Quebec. The management is done by the FQAS, which validates that the instructors are in good standing with their agency, that they own insurance to teach diving, and that they are continuously training as a diver.

Your safety is our top priority. Our team works hard to ensure that this formality is easy to navigate for our clients who have trusted us with their scuba diving training in Montreal.