Financing options

Total Diving has teamed up with Desjardins to offer you Accord D Financing.


This simple, accessible financing solution lets you enjoy the benefits of your purchase today while paying in a budget-friendly manner.

It's especially useful if you want to invest in a career in diving or if you want to benefit from the advantages of diving with a complete set of your own diving gear, adapted to your personal needs.


Total Diving offers you three financing options to make your life easier.

In the first two cases, you only have to pay the taxes at the time of purchase and you have no interest to pay, if you pay on time.

  • 12 months with no interest, with 12 equal monthly payments. For instance, for a 2400$ purchase, you pay the taxes on the day of the purchase and, then, you pay 200$ per month for 12 months. It's that simple!
  • 6 months with no interest, with one complete payment after 6 months. For instance, for a 2400$ purchase, you pay the taxes on the day of the purchase and, then, you pay the 2400$ total amount, 6 months later.

The third option will attract you if you want to invest in scuba diving, for instance to become a dive professional.

  • 3 months with no interest and no payment (not even the taxes), followed by 36 equal monthly payments with some interest. Ask us about the current interest rate. At the time this page is published, for a 9000$ purchase including taxes, after 3 months of grace period, you would pay 305.42$ per month for 3 years.

Some other financing plans may be available during special promotions.


These financing plans are applicable on any combination of diving gear and/or training courses totalling at least 1500$, before taxes, on one invoice.

It doesn't apply to trips & adventures. It is conditional on your application for Accord D Financing being approved by Visa Desjardins.


Purchases made with Accord D Financing are authorized by Visa Desjardins. If you already have a Visa from Desjardins, the transaction will be processed on your current card. Otherwise, you will be issued a new Visa with no annual fee.

In both cases, your financial responsibilities are with Visa Desjardins, not with Total Diving.

Your Accord D purchases will be listed in a separate section of your monthly Visa statement.

No interest will be incurred on, or deducted from, the amount of the purchase applied to your card (to the exception of the interests explained in the 3rd financing option listed above) as long as you pay it on time.


Desjardins requires that the application form be filled in person, in the store, so that we can verify your identity.

You could, instead, pre-apply on Desjardins' website. However, you can only ask for 10 000$ on their website, while there is no limit for your in-store request. Furthermore, it will take longer to get an answer from their website than from our own process. If you apply in our store, we normally receive the answer within 30 minutes.

There's nothing preventing you from getting wet, today!