Get A Career In Diving

Tired of working "9 to 5"? You can't stand staring at a computer monitor all day anymore? You need a change of scenery?

You're at the right place!

Total Diving is one of the top leading scuba diving career development centers in the world. Think about it... Not only do we offer:

Professional instructor training with an impressive team of Course Directors & IDC Staff;

A "success guarantee"(*) at the instructor examination (IE);

Job placement service to help you find that dream job - with a "job guarantee"(*);

Financing options - sorry, we can't guarantee this one, but we'll do everything we can to help!

...we also offer every single course available from PADI, DAN, DSAT TecRec, EFR, PSI as well as a complementary and carefully selected course options from. This depth of course selection gives us the tools we need to prepare a training schedule that will fully match your career goals.

Furthermore, your training will be conducted at A top-notch urban dive center in Montreal with 2 multimedia classrooms.

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Because not every member of our store staff is an expert in career development planning for the dive professional, it is best for you to schedule an appointment with one of our instructor trainers. Contact us

A career in Scuba Diving

You are in the right place!

Total Diving is one of the leading “PADI CDC” centers in the world with its impressive team of Course Director, IDC Staffers and PADI Instructors.

What are the PADI professional levels offered by Total Diving PADI


The dive leader, commonly known as divemaster, has an extremely important role in every dive center. This training is the foundation of a diver's professional career. Our training is very rigorous to facilitate an easy transition into the instructor course.

PADI Instructor Assistant

The assistant instructor is a way to continue the professional training towards instructor. We generally encourage our "IDC" program which includes the training of assistant instructor and instructor jointly. This approach makes it is much easier to pass the famous PADI "IE" exam.

PADI Dive Instructor

This is our specialty, for several years we have greatly contributed to the development of dive instructors in Quebec. Many of our certified instructors teach around the world. We are so confident in our program that we guarantee your success in the PADI "IE" instructor exam.

PADI Specialty Instructor

We offer the full spectrum in terms of selection of specialty instructor training. Throughout the year, we offer all the specialty instructors training available given our climate and environment.  A great way to achieve multiple specialty certification is to take advantage of the MSDT prep session.

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

 We offer a master program to become a "MSDT" with a total of 8 specialty instructors certifications. Deep, Wreck, Night, Underwater Navigation, Enriched Air (Nitrox), Search and Recovery, and Drift.

IDC Staff Instructor

The IDC Staff training is the opportunity to relive the PADI instructor course with experience and a new perspective, as well as, advancing your professional rating. It is also a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and skill as a trainer.

Master Instructor

The Padi Master Instructor accreditation is the greatest recognition for a diving instructor. It is not a training program per say but a recognition of experience and excellence.  Several members of our team have successfully achieved this prestigious level with the help of the entire team. We are a PADI CDC center that takes its role seriously and gives its instructors the opportunity to fully develop your professional standing including the opportunity to become a PADI Course Director.

Course Director PADI

Course director training is provided directly by PADI. Only the best candidates are accepted at this level. Total Diving helps candidates to achieve this goal. 7 Course directors have been trained and prepared with the assistance of Total Diving and we continue to train new candidates.

Total Diving is the benchmark in professional dive training and has often been recognized for these successes. Our divemasters and instructors are working all around the world. We guarantee the success of our candidate instructors and offer job opportunities here in Montreal, as well as, a placement service.