Terms and Conditions of Sale

Information on our website relating to merchandise you can purchase is merely an invitation to you to make offers to purchase merchandise from us and, legally-speaking, is not an offer by us to sell that merchandise. By placing a properly completed order, you're making an offer to purchase the items identified in your order from Waddell Aquatics Ltd, doing business as Total Diving. Your offer and the resulting agreement, if we accept your offer, will be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws in force in the Province of Quebec, Canada. You agree to elect domicile in the judicial district of Montreal, province of Quebec, Canada, for the hearing of any claim arising with respect to the interpretation, application, performance, term, validity or effects of your offer and any subsequent agreement and sale transaction relating to your offer.

Since Total Diving can't actually know, with any degree of certainty, exactly what you'll do with anything we sell to you, we can't predict or guarantee the fitness or merchantability of any item. (That's legalese for "Don't do anything stupid with the items you purchase from us. If you don't know how to use them, then, please, don't use them until you've taken a proper course to learn how to do so. OK? And, of course, we can certainly help you when it comes to courses, or advising you on the proper use of your gear.")

We accept our responsibility for refunding, replacing or repairing defective gear in accordance with our warranty & service policy, but what happens when you use it is strictly your responsibility. Fair enough?

If you don't agree to these terms, do not place your order.

How to Order

We like to keep things simple and easy. The idea is to get you setup with your gear so that we can all jump in the water, soon... So, there are various ways you can shop with Total Diving.


We believe you'll find shopping at TotalDiving.com to be enjoyable. We've built this site to make it just like our in-store operations: We're a bunch of scuba divers and water sport enthusiasts who like to enjoy our sports with good equipment. We like our toys!

We've built-in lots of features including a wish list to share with your friends, gift cards to send to them, online tracking of your orders and even online follow up of the work orders for your gear. If you need help navigating on TotalDiving.com, do not hesitate to contact us!

We respect your privacy although we hope you'll consider us as your friends, not just as a store. We sure would like jumping in the water with you, one day, somewhere on this planet!

By Mail

If you are paying by certified cheque, money order or bank drafts, you'll need to use the traditional mail delivery system.

In this case, simply select the products you want on TotalDiving.com and proceed to checkout. During the checkout process, select "Certified Cheque / Money Order" as the mode of payment, then send us the certified cheque, money order or draft by mail. Make sure to specify your name and the eMail address of your Total Diving account (the eMail address you've used to create your My Account), so that we can post the payment to your account.

If you choose this method, you have to be patient! It might take a long time for us to get the documents from you and, then, it will take longer for our bank to clear that payment. Check our Order Verification policy.

Verify which payment methods are acceptable for you and conditions attached to them, below. 

By Fax

This is similar to ordering by mail, except that it is faster! You can use this method when paying by Wire Transfer.

Use the same process as outlined above for ordering by mail but fax us the proof of the wire transfer instead of mailing it to us. Make sure to specify your name and the eMail address of your Total Diving account (the eMail address you've used to create your My Account), so that we can post the payment to your account.

Our fax number is: 514-429-1286.

By Phone

If you need help while shopping on TotalDiving.com, you can give us a call! In fact, you have many ways to reach us. I'm sure one of these methods is your favorite!

It will be a lot faster for both of us if you've already added the items you are interested in to your shopping cart and, then, provide us with the eMail address associated with your My Account. That way, we'll be able to take a look at your shopping cart and give you suggestions or simply help you go through the checkout process.


By eMail

eMail is one of the methods you can use among the various options you have to communicate with us.

You may find this method particularly useful if you're having difficulties finding an item. Let us know what you're looking for and provide us with the eMail address associated with your My Account. We'll be able to give you suggestions by adding them directly into your shopping cart, and letting you know by eMail once it is done. You can then login and check these items. Of course, you're totally free to remove them, change the quantities or anything else you want before proceeding to the checkout.

[email protected]

In Store

You are always welcome to stop by our store in Montreal, QC, Canada. After all, talking about diving is the next best thing to actually diving!

6356 Sherbrooke W

Montreal, Quebec, H4B 1M9

Rebate Coupons

If you have a valid rebate coupon, you'll be able to use it during the checkout process. However, you can only use one coupon per order. If you have more than one, simply use the one that is most advantageous for you!

Payment Methods

Credit Cards

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.


We strongly recommend PayPal, since it comes with added security measures for both you and us.

Certified Cheque / Money Order / Draft

On rare occasions, we may also accept certified cheques, money orders, bank drafts or international bank drafts. Please contact us to confirm this, before you select this method as your payment mode during the checkout process. The minimum amount of the purchase you need to qualify for using this mode of payment is $1000.

Wire Transfers

You may also be able to use an electronic wire transfer to our bank account as your method of payment, but before you select this method of payment during the checkout process, please contact us to confirm that this is the case. The minimum amount of the purchase you need to qualify for using this mode of payment is $1000.

Contact us for the detailed information you'll need in order to complete an electronic fund transfer.

Purchase Order (on Account)

You can pay by supplying a purchase order number only if you have an established commercial account with Total Diving and your order does not exceed your previously authorized credit limit. The minimum amount of the purchase you need to qualify for using this mode of payment is $1000.

Gift Cards

A Total Diving gift card is another acceptable method of payment, as long as it has been issued to you, of course! If you don't have one, you should add gift cards to your wish list and ask your friends for one... or a few!

Currency Exchange Rates

Total Diving is located in Canada and therefore, receives payment in CAN$ from the payment processors even if you are paying in US$ or in any other currency used by your credit card company or bank. Therefore, whenever we issue refunds to you, you might be receiving less (which is unfortunate) or more (which is cool) than what you were expecting, simply because of worldwide fluctuations in currency exchange rates, as determined by your bank or credit card company.

Order Verification

In order to protect you from credit card fraud or identity theft, we'll verify all orders before shipping. Since we won't ship without this verification, you can avoid delays in the processing of your order if you submit complete information at the time of your order. For some orders, we may need 24 to 72 hours to complete the normal verification process.

If we can't easily verify the information you've provided, there will very likely be a considerable delay in processing your order.

All orders placed with a credit card must include the billing address for the credit card you're using (where you receive your monthly credit card statements). If the billing address is a P.O. Box, we'll need to ship to your residence or business address, and that address must be listed with a directory assistance service like 411locate.com or Canada411.ca. If the issuing bank does not support the automatic address verification system, your order will be subject to the same verification process as for an international order (below).

If you need to ship to an alternative address, the shipping address must be listed with a business directory like yellowpages.ca.

International Orders Paid by Credit Card

All international orders (from outside Canada) that are paid for by credit card must be shipped to the billing address for the credit card.

For an international order, you'll need to send us a copy of both the front and back of the credit card being used, plus a copy of the most recent statement of your account. Please fax these documents to (1) 514-429-1286 or eMail them to us.

Sales Taxes

We collect sales taxes only when shipping within Canada. The Canadian federal sales tax (GST) of 5% applies to all orders shipped within Canada, and we add the provincial sales tax (PST) of 9.5% (computed on the total, including the GST) to orders shipped within the province of Quebec.

Consult our shipping policies, terms & conditions for information regarding customs, duties, import fees and other like charges.

Product Condition

All products listed as "new" are in their original packaging from the manufacturer (if they come in a package) unless otherwise stated. We are an authorized dealer for every brand we claim being an authorized dealer.

Sometimes we have "demonstrators" or second-hand gear that we make available for you to purchase, but that will be clearly stated in the description of the product. When it's available, you'll find used gear, here.

Out of Stock

On rare occasions, we run out of stock, even though the item is marked "In Stock".

This might be for many reasons. Sometimes, we're surprised at how popular an item is and discover that we just didn't stock a sufficient quantity in our warehouse! In other cases, we might actually have the item in stock but decide not to ship it because we've found a defect in it during our pre-shipping quality control process.

When that happens, we'll contact you. You'll have the choice to cancel your order or, if you agree, we'll arrange with our suppliers to quickly re-supply us. Since we are an official authorized dealer for all official brands we sell, we have relations with the manufacturer of gear you might be purchasing from us. If applicable, you'll see notes on your invoice in My Account explaining which item is back-ordered (commonly referred to as a "BO" or "out of stock".

For orders within North America, we'll ship the items we do have in stock right away and then ship the BO items as soon as we get them. You won't pay additional regular ground shipping charges for subsequent separate shipments that have to be made because of any such "out of stock" situation which is out of your control and entirely our responsibility.

Unfortunately, because of the very high cost of shipping outside North America, we can't offer the same arrangement for orders from outside North America. If, therefore, you place an international order which includes an item which is on back order, you can choose either to (1) receive together in one shipment all the items you have purchased when they are ready to ship, or (2) have the items which are in stock shipped to you right away and then pay the additional applicable shipping costs to have the item on back order shipped to you when it becomes available.

Except for Special Orders explained below, you can cancel your order for back-ordered merchandise, without penalty, at any time prior to its shipment. If you would like to do that, just contact us and we'll look after it, so long as the order hasn't yet been shipped.

Special Orders (CSOs)

Items that we don't usually keep in stock and that we order specifically for you (we called these "Customer Special Orders" or "CSOs") are final, non-cancelable and non-refundable sales.

Furthermore, please note that the length of time needed to deliver a Customer Special Order may be quite long. Accordingly, we strongly recommend that you contact us in advance to verify the expected delivery time.

Order Status

That's easy! Simply go to My Account at the top right corner of every page on this website. You'll be able to see all of your past online and in-store orders and their status. Once an order is shipped, you'll see a tracking number that you can use to follow your shipment with Canada Post or UPS.

Of course, if you prefer, you can also contact us and we'll be glad to give you the information you're looking for.

Order Cancellation

In most cases, you may cancel your order before it's shipped. You'll receive a full refund. Simply contact us to cancel the order.

If, however, we had to order your merchandise specifically for you from our suppliers (what we call a "Customer Special Order" or "CSO"), then your order is final, non-cancelable and non-refundable.

Term of Fulfillment

All merchandise purchased through this website is F.O.B. ("Free on Board") at our store in Montreal. Quebec, Canada. This means that our obligations for shipment are fulfilled once we have delivered the merchandise to a common carrier such as UPS and that title and the risk of loss or damage to that merchandise legally pass to you at that point. Accordingly, it is important that you verify that your home insurance policy covers you for "goods in transit".


Find shipping policies, terms & conditions

Returns, Refunds & Exchanges

If you're thinking about returning or exchanging your merchandise because it was damaged during shipment, please first consult the section on merchandise damaged or gone missing during shipment under shipping policies, terms and conditions.

For other types of return or exchange, you'll find our policies, terms & conditions for returns, refunds & exchanges, here.

Defective Merchandise

Before sending back or requesting an exchange for a defective item, please contact us by creating a request for product return in your account. In our experience, what seems to be a defect is often just a setup issue that one of our technicians can deal with, over the phone.

If it's determined that the merchandise is, indeed, defective, we will be glad to honor our warranty and after-sale service commitments, as explained here.

Warranty & Service

Of course, you can always count on Total Diving for world-class service for your gear, but since we're an official authorized dealer and service center for all official brands we sell, you won't have to depend just on us for that service or run the risk that you'll be without the protection of a manufacturer's warranty, as is often the case with gray market wheeler-dealer resellers of gear.

So, if you're at the other end of the world and need service for the scuba diving regulator or other gear you've purchased from us, you'll also be able to stop in at any authorized dealer wherever you are and get the attention and service you need.

It's your life... Don't gamble with it!


The team at Total Diving is working hard to produce a website that you'll find informative and useful - with information to help you make a decision on the type and model of gear that's best for you. We also pride ourselves on offering superior service and the highest quality at a fair price.

Therefore, we do our best to provide you with an error-free website. However, as we all know, the world is not perfect and the internet, even less so! We can't avoid or be responsible for the occasional error that might creep into our web pages, but we do commit to you that once an error is identified, we'll act diligently to correct any misprint or error, in pricing or for other information, to get it right.

We reserve the right to limit quantities available for sale and the right at any time to reject or cancel an order at our discretion if the price of an item is displayed incorrectly. If that should be the case for anything you've ordered, we'll give you the opportunity to order it at the correct price.

Photos are provided for illustration purposes only and may not be accurate or complete. They're provided to display the products and may show items which are not included in the purchase price.

Specifications for merchandise may change without notice. Sometimes, we even find that information on manufacturer websites is inaccurate or out of date. But don't despair! We'll help you figure it out!

Products offered by Total Diving come from around the world so we're exposed to currency fluctuations like everybody else on this planet. We try really hard to make sure our prices stay fair, but these currency fluctuations inevitably affect some of the prices carried over to our customers. We ask for your understanding on this situation, which is completely out of our control.

Some products are discontinued by manufacturers without our prior knowledge. Therefore, we can only offer any and all of our products to you on a "subject to availability" basis. If we find that an item in your order has significantly changed from the description we had posted on our website, we'll notify you so that you have the chance to cancel your order or order a different item.

Customer Service

Questions? Suggestions? Need help? We'd love to talk to you and we've set up many ways for you to contact us. Give it a try!