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About Total Diving

Who are the dive professionals at Total Diving?

Do you really want to know? The truth is... We're a bunch of free spirits who wanted an escape from the contraints of typical "9 to 5" occupations - a lifestyle that places a premium on adventure, exploration, friendship and personal challenges. We found the world of scuba diving, have a passion for it and for helping others to enjoy that underwater world as much as we do.

We started in 1975 when Bill Waddell founded Waddell Aquatics. We moved to our current location in NDG a couple of years later. We've been here, in the same dive shop, for about 40 years, with our own multimedia classrooms on site, and a network of scuba pools all over the island of Montreal.

From 2000 to January 2015, DAN Examiner and PADI Course Director Darcy Kieran was at the helm and renamed the dive center Total Diving to represent more accurately what we do: If it has to do with scuba diving, we have it - whether it's a scuba diving training course, a piece of scuba gear or a scuba diving vacation. The team is now under the leadership of PADI Course Director Sebastien Savignac & Nathalie Lafrance.

Through the years, we've expanded our passion for the water world into snorkeling, swimming, underwater hockey and freediving.

Montreal scuba diving lessons and adventures. Scuba gear for Canadians.

The training team is lead by PADI Course Director Sébastien Savignac and a team of scuba diving organizational wizards. I'm sure you've noticed these smiling faces in your Montreal Scuba Diving Center, right? They looove scuba diving!

Our team is full of scuba diving professionals. For instance, Joe Allan has been here since almost the beginning, but he doesn't want us to say how many years that adds up to! Suffice it to say, if it's about scuba diving, he knows it...

The rest of our team is a dynamic bunch of dive instructors, divemasters and scuba diving fanatics!

What else is there to say? We're here! You can find out where we live on the Visit Total Diving - Montreal Scuba page or give us a shout through the Contact Total Diving - Montreal Scuba page.

Discover the rest of the planet!

Come have a coffee with us if you are in the neighborhood! And... In the meantime, stay connected with fellow scuba divers through our scuba diving blog, our eMail newsletter, our Facebook page, our Google Plus page, our Montreal Scuba Diving Meetup Group for forthcoming dive adventures, or even through our social scuba diving mobile app. We're dive buddies, that's all! Let's dive in.

 To all of you, from all of us at Total Diving - Thank you and Happy Diving!

The Total Team
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