Scuba Cylinder Hydrostatic Inspection

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Get a hydrostatic inspection for your tanks every 5 years.
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Total Diving is proud to offer hydrostatic testing for scuba diving cylinders. These tests should be done every 5 years to ensure that all is running smoothly. Hydrostatic inspections will point out any flaws in the tank that can put you at risk. You may be wondering why you have to have these inspections done if you’ve been bringing us your tanks diligently every year for a visual? The hydrostatic inspection tests your tank’s physical limits to keep you safe.

Our Method

Bring us your cylinder and we will have it sent off to our partners in the city. They will perform all tests in the closed lab to make sure that your equipment is in good shape. If your cylinder fails to pass the test, we will alert you as soon as possible. Hydrostatic tests are often mandated by the government, so make sure to come in on time.

How To Start

Stop by our flagship today and drop off your cylinder. It takes us between 4-7 days to have your equipment serviced, so make sure you plan ahead! We will assess any outstanding issues, check all aspects of your gear, and will return it to you in top condition.

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