Dive Computer Battery change

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Don’t let your battery dive on the boat!
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Although dive computers are becoming available with cable chargers, many still require a complicated battery change. You can certainly try to do this at home, but we never recommend it for a few reasons. First, you can damage the computer. Second, you can misplace a piece and water can leak in, inevitably destroying your equipment. Finally, it can be difficult if you’ve never done it before. Leave it to our expert technicians to help you by changing the battery here.

Our Method

It takes between 7-14 days for your computer to be returned, so make sure you give it to us with plenty of time to spare. We will change the battery and ensure that everything is running smoothly before you go on your next dive. We recommend changing your battery once a year, just to make sure that it’s ready to go before diving season.

How To Start

Stop by our flagship today and drop off your dive computer. Make sure to drop it off with lots of time before your next adventure. We will fix any outstanding problems, check all aspects of your gear, and will return it to you in top condition.

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