Vest "BCD" maintenance

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Own a BCD? Make sure to get it serviced annually.
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Total Diving is proud to have specially trained technicians who are ready to take care of your equipment. If you purchased a BCD, whether from us or another retailer, you should have it serviced annually to ensure that it functions well. Plus, when you get your equipment maintained with Total Diving, you can rest assured that your gear will last longer.

Our Method

At Total Diving, we believe that doing all available tests on your equipment before the summer, or your next vacation, is extremely beneficial. Not only will our technicians be able to spot any abnormalities, but we can also help fix the problem. When your equipment has been sitting idle in storage for a while, it’s best to get a check-up just to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

How To Start

Stop by our flagship today and drop off your BCD. It takes us between 7-14 days to have your equipment serviced, so make sure you plan ahead! We will fix any outstanding problems, check all aspects of your gear, and will return it to you in top condition.

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