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Life gets busy quickly, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your diving! If you’ve been feeling a bit rusty, and aren’t as confident in your diving abilities as you once were, the Scuba Review is for you.
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  • PADI Tune-up Manual
  • Core Scuba gear for pool session
  • 1 tanks

Required Scuba Gear:

  • Basic gear: mask, snorkel, fins and diving boots


  • Scuba Diver certification
  • Medically fit to dive
  • 10 years old


This program is a refresher, which means it’ll give you the chance you need to brush up on both your knowledge and skills. A PADI Professional will accompany you in the water, so you’re able to be comfortable and have fun while preparing for your next adventure, whether it be another PADI course or a diving vacation!

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