Travel Diver

Dive Travel in confidence!

Scuba diving and travelling can be simple and effortless. Total Diving is proud to offer you a full dive gear kit with everything you’ll need for your next dive trip, in a carry-on sized bag. Your next vacation can be worry-free when it comes to dive equipment. Aqua Lung’s Explorer Collection Carry-On can fit everything from your scuba regulator to your dive fins so that you won’t have to worry about flying with your equipment. Whether you’re going diving in Jamaica or Mexico, Australia or Thailand, you’ll be ready for your next journey.

Stay comfortable and safe, no matter where you are

Travelling with your own personal dive gear is really easy, and it’s in your best interest to be as comfortable and as safe as possible when underwater. Your own gear fits you! You also know everything about how it works, how to take care of it and how it feels while you’re diving. Also, you’ll feel a lot safer when you dive with your own equipment that you know has been tested, serviced and kept in good shape. There’s nothing better than making your dive vacation that much better because you decided to stick to the scuba equipment that makes you feel best.

Dive Equipment in the Video:

RK3 Fins

The RK3 fins from Apeks are extremely versatile, rugged and durable. The traditional design makes it easy to use no matter your skill level, and it’s the preferred fin for technical divers. Based off of the Navy SEAL design, the RK3’s are also great for travelling.

Reveal X1 Dive Mask

The Reveal X1 is a lightweight single lens dive mask. As one of Aqua Lung’s most comfortable masks, the Reveal X1 is essential for any kind of scuba diver. Their standard quick release buckles can be used both with or without gloves, and the mask also comes in a dual-lens version: the Reveal X2. The Reveal X2 is the exact same size and weight.

The Outlaw BCD

The Outlaw BCD boasts a minimalist design for divers who want to get back to the basics. With a simple bladder and lots of room for adjustment, this BCD is perfect for travelling because of how well it fits into a carry-on size bag. The Outlaw dive BCD can also be substituted for the Rogue.

XL4 Scuba Regulator

Apeks designed the XL4 to be lightweight, compact and cold-water compatible. It’s the lightest dive regulator on today’s market, and it has all the functionality of a full-size cold water regulator. The XL4 is even an ideal stage regulator.

Impulse Dry Snorkel

The Impulse Dry snorkel is a regular size, but includes a key feature that makes travelling easier. The clip that is provided by Aqua Lung detaches from the body of the snorkel itself and allows you to fit your snorkel away from your mask in a bag. Plus, the Impulse Dry is a good quality dry snorkel that is one of our favourites.

Hydroflex 3mm Wetsuit

Aqua Lung’s Hydroflex 3mm Wetsuit (available for men and women) features superstretch Neoprene that adapts to your body but will keep its shape after extensive use.

ELLIE Booties

The ELLIE Boots provide unmatched exposure protection and work perfectly with the RK3 fins. They’re made for women, so the version of this boot for men is the ERGO Superzip boot.

Best Scuba Gear designed for travellers

365.00 CAD Excl. tax
199.99 CAD Excl. tax
693.99 CAD Excl. tax
650.00 CAD Excl. tax
539.99 CAD Excl. tax
Quantum 3mm
169.99 CAD Excl. tax
799.00 CAD Excl. tax
589.98 CAD Excl. tax
Shorty 3mm
124.99 CAD Excl. tax
39.99 CAD Excl. tax
Aquaflex 5mm
499.98 CAD Excl. tax
AquaFlex 3mm
379.99 CAD Excl. tax
209.99 CAD Excl. tax
Quantum 3mm
169.99 CAD Excl. tax
Explorer Carry-On
149.99 CAD Excl. tax
Aquaflex 5mm
499.98 CAD Excl. tax
Explorer Roller
169.99 CAD Excl. tax
Shorty 3mm
124.99 CAD Excl. tax
ABS octopus
228.38 CAD Excl. tax
AquaFlex 3mm
379.99 CAD Excl. tax
Apeks XL4 Octopus
275.00 CAD Excl. tax