Scuba Diving Master Instructor

Your next big step in becoming an elite diving educator. The PADI Master Instructor course will prepare you for your professional dreams.

PADI Master Instructors are a highly specialized class of dive professionals that embody what it means to be an instructor. These divers have an extremely thorough understanding of the PADI organization, as well as a variety of specialties, diving conditions, and are industry leaders who shape the development of the dive community. Although you can earn this recognition through training, you also need the respect of your peers to become a Master.


This highly coveted PADI title is considered elite for a reason. There are many prerequisites for this recognition. It is open to PADI IDC Staff Instructors who have been PADI Instructors for a minimum of two years. Master Instructors must have issued at least 150 PADI certifications at a variety of levels, have participated in at least three PADI Seminars, and issued 10 Emergency First Response course completion cards. On top of these demanding tasks, Master Instructors must have used the complete PADI System of diver education when conducting PADI programs, and are highly respected individuals. Masters also must demonstrate that PADI supports them and that they have no verified Quality Management violations within the past six months.

How Total Diving Can Help You

Do the prerequisites above seem extremely daunting? Are you worried about your future as a PADI Professional? There’s no need to be afraid. Total Diving has certified and supported 8 Course Director in the store's history. You’re in good hands with capable professionals who have worked through the PADI System before. We offer a series of packages, deals, and other helpful tips to make your life easier. Working with Total Diving means that you always have somebody in your corner, with a big community of like-minded individuals waiting to help you. If the PADI Master Instructor title interests you, make an appointment at our flagship to discuss your options and future diving career with one of our Course Directors.