Scuba Pool Practice

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Come join us on Wednesday nights at the Aquadome for scuba pool practice. It’s a great way to test out new equipment, refine your skills, and get to know other divers in our community.
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  • Once registered, a Store Staff will communicate with you to confirm the scheduling of the session
  • Registration needs to be at least 3 days before the scheduled pool session

  • Divers must be certified for this experience and need to present their card the day of to the person in charge 

What We Offer

On Wednesday nights, we offer you an exclusive experience in Montreal to get in the water! For only $30, you will be given full access to a diving-standard pool for a few hours. We include all your scuba equipment except fins, mask, snorkel and wetsuit (if you need one), so you don’t have to worry about dropping by the shop to reserve equipment. Everything from tanks to BCDs to regulators to weights are available at the pool!

Why You Should Join Us!

This is the perfect opportunity to work on yourself as a diver. Have a vacation coming up soon, and want to brush up on your technique? Stop by the pool and work on it! Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to controlling buoyancy, and mastering skills like clearing your mask, so don’t be shy.

We understand better than anyone how exciting it is to get brand new equipment. Nothing feels better than getting used to your own personal equipment. That’s why we think the pool practice is perfect for people with brand new stock. Not sure that everything will fit, or just worried that you won’t like what you got? No problem. The pool is the best indoor, heated, and controlled environment to test everything out. Make sure you love what you buy before heading out to your next adventure.

All sorts of divers from our community jump into the pool with us on Wednesday’s. From beginners with their brand new Open Water certification, to seasoned veterans looking to perfect their technique, there are all sorts of people to make friends with. The pool is a great way to get to know some of the fellow divers in your area.

Reserve by ordering online, calling, or coming into our store by 5:00 PM on Sunday night to be added to our list for the following Wednesday. Please indicate if you would like a different night!

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