Underwater Navigation Course

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The PADI Underwater Navigator specialty course is designed to fine-tune your observation skills!
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Learn how to use your compass, become a better observer, and more with the PADI Underwater Navigator course! This is a great specialty that makes you into the diver that everyone wants to follow because you’re the one who knows where you are and where you’re going. If you like a challenge, this is the course for you. Not only does it count towards your Master Scuba Diver recognition, but it will also improve your skills as a diver.

The Course

The Underwater Navigator course teaches you how to navigate using tools, natural cues, compass headings, and more. With an instructor through 3 dives, you’ll practice your skills and learn methods to estimate distance underwater, how to navigate with a compass while making at least 5 turns, marking or relocating a submerged object, and underwater map making. There’s a lot to learn through your three dives, so make sure you’re ready!


This PADI course is open to PADI Open Water Divers, or Junior Open Water Divers who are at least 10 years old. If you enjoyed your Open Water Course with us, why not try this specialty?

Start Today!

Let us help you ease into your next diving adventure. The Underwater Navigator course is a great way to become a better diver and buddy. Stop by Total Diving to meet with our staff and discuss if this course is right for you. If you’re interested in beginning, just give us a call to see when the course is being held!

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