PADI Scuba Emergency Oxygen Provider Course

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Become prepared to handle scuba diving illnesses that are treatable by oxygen with this course.
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The PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider course is the perfect addition to your training regimen. Not only is it helpful for yourself, but you’re actively becoming a better buddy and person by being able to help. This course is extremely accessible, even to people who have just started diving, and you can breathe easy knowing that you’re capable of recognizing scuba diving illnesses treatable by emergency oxygen.

The Course

This PADI specialty course is focused on teaching students about dive injuries, the different kinds of emergency oxygen equipment, and safety considerations when using that equipment. Practice makes perfect, which is why you and your instructor will carefully go over how to assemble and disassemble emergency oxygen equipment, how to deploy a non-rebreather mask and a demand inhalator valve on a breathing diver, and how to use a pocket mask on a nonbreathing diver. This course does not require any diving, which makes it the perfect course to do in the cold Montreal winter while you wait for diving season, or for your next vacation.

At Total Diving, we recommend every diver purchase a Pocket Rescue Mask to keep in your dive kit or just in your car for emergencies. Otherwise, we bring the oxygen and the other equipment!


The Emergency Oxygen Provider course does not have any prerequisites! Anybody of any age or diving level can sign up. This means that even if you’ve only done your Discover Scuba Diving, or if you’re just thinking about Open Water, you can participate in this specialty course! Divers, snorkelers, lifeguards, boat crew and more will benefit from this kind of training.

Starting Your Training

Let us help you achieve all your diving goals. The Emergency Oxygen Provider is a great way to become a better diver and buddy, without doing any diving! Stop by Total Diving to meet with our staff and discuss if this course is right for you. If you’re interested in beginning, just give us a call to see when the course is being held.

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21 Jun 2019
David Bainbridge
Essential courses can be seen as a chore, but thanks to the wonderful Irene Marcoux the course was delivered in way that balanced solid training with memorable explanations based on her experiences. Enjoyable and educational, and it might help you save someone's life or at least manage the effects of DCI.