Rescue Diver Course

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Definitely serious FUN! The Rescue Diver course is designed to develop your skills and theoretical knowledge. The aim is to allow you, within the limits of your ability to intervene safely with a diver in distress.
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During the training, serious subjects will be tackled, but the training is fun. Many of our customers consider this course the most fun training they have ever done.


  • PADI Rescue Diver manual
  • PADI certification card

Scuba Gear Required

  • Complete Scuba gear (Rental available)
  • Basic scuba gear: Mask, fins, snorkel & dive boots
  • 2 tanks (Rental Available)
  • SMB
  • Safety Spool
  • Pocket Mask


  • Advanced Open Water Diver or Adventure Diver with orientation
  • Medically fit to dive
  • 12 years old

PADI Rescue Diver

The rescue diver course is a fun filled course, and, it increases awareness on various aspects of scuba diving. Many concepts covered in the course can be used in our everyday lives.

PADI Rescue Diver course theory

As soon as you are interested in this course, start right away with the new PADI Rescue Diver manual and DVD. It is necessary to do the knowledge reviews at the end of each chapter. A Total Diving instructor will be designated to answer all your questions.

Self-rescue, prevention is better than the cure!

Learning the art of rescue prevention. Rescue divers are trained to recognize the sign before an incident actually occurs. Prevention is good for us too.

Analysis and stress management during the PADI Rescue Diver course

Understanding of the human’s natural responses to stress is essential. Every person reacts differently to stress. You will be well equipped to recognize diver stress. Divers often do not communicate when unwell.

Scuba diving rescue in the PADI Rescue Diver course

During your training you will have the opportunity to practice rescue techniques in a controlled environment. You’ll realize there is more than one way to act in a rescue situation. The instructor will let you practice as per your abilities and physical endurance. These are simulations, and your instructor will help you achieve your personal goals. Practices may be held in a confined environment at the pool or in an open water environment such as Kahnawake quarry.

Practical rescue scenarios in the PADI Rescue Diver

During the last step in your rescue training you’ll respond to simulated emergencies from A to Z. Scenarios will be adapted to the students’ abilities. In order to be an efficient rescuer, it’s important to stay within our own limits. These scenarios help in the overall rescue management. All our PADI instructors are supervised by a working Paramedic.

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