Why not give yourself every chance to reduce your nitrogen consumption? Plus... You'll look cool! The PADI Enriched Air Diver course is PADI’s most popular specialty scuba course. Read more...

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155.00 CAD Excl. tax


  • Nitrox course: Book or eLearning
  • Dive Computer & Analyzer Simulator
  • PADI Nitrox certification card


  • Scuba Diver
  • Medically fit to dive
  • 12 years old


What is Nitrox?


Our Nitrox course consists of spending a day at Total Diving with a qualified instructor to review your theory for the regular stream option, or just an hour with the eLearning option. We’ll do some hands-on practice analyzing nitrox gases, an important and required step before any nitrox dive, so that you can become familiar with the process.

Total Diving makes it easier to become a certified Nitrox diver! If you complete your Nitrox training with our eLearning option, finishing your training with analyzing nitrox gases in-store can be done as soon as you call our store. No need to wait till there are more people, just make an appointment when you’re available and we can finish your training.

For the Nitrox course, there’s no diving required, meaning you can complete your training year-round! However, if you wish to complete 2 nitrox dives during one of our dive outings to sites like the Kahnawake Quarry, we’ll provide you with 2 nitrox cylinders for one day, at no charge. Let us help you gain confidence underwater while using nitrox!

The price of the course includes EITHER the PADI Enriched Air Diver Specialty Manual with Dive Computer Simulator, OR the PADI eLearning online theory (available in English only, for right now) which comes with Dive Computer Simulator.

Talk to your Montreal PADI Dive Instructor to organize your course schedule.

01-06-2018 18:25

Bon cours, beaucoup d'explications.

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