Advanced Open Water Diver Course

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Do not let the word 'advanced' stop you! It's not for 'advanced divers', it's for you to get some more experience, beyond the basic entry-level PADI Open Water Diver course.
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You'll feel much more comfortable and safe underwater after completing 5 more dives with your Total Diving scuba instructor. And you'll have a lot more fun!


  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver eLearning
  • PADI certification card

Scuba Gear Required

  • Complete Scuba gear (Rental available)
  • Basic scuba gear: Mask, fins, snorkel & dive boots
  • 2 tanks (Rental Available)
  • SMB
  • Safety Spool
  • Dive Light


  • Open Water Diver
  • Medically fit to dive
  • 12 years old


Total Diving offers the best advanced diving experience with our PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course 

All students will have the opportunity to visit at least two dive sites representing our local dive environments. The Kahnawake quarry, only 7 minutes from Total Diving, and another site selected by your instructor on the St-Lawrence River between Cornwall and Brockville.

The best of two very different environments.

We offer a massive advanced certification course at Ivy Lea in the Thousand Islands, at least once a year during the summer. It’s an extraordinary experience. A long drift dive is organized with our instructor group.

It’s incomprehensible to us to hold an advanced course in a lake. Imagine an advanced diver who has never been in current… impossible!

Am I ready for an advanced scuba diving course?

The only thing that is advanced in this course is its name. We become an advanced diver with training and experience. To enroll in this course you need to be responsible for yourself: to be able to assemble your gear independently as well as the ability to maintain neutral buoyancy.

What is covered in the advanced course that was not covered on the beginner course?

Diving… During the PADI Open Water Diver or level one , we mostly work on safety exercises. Yes, it’s a diving course, but with a great focus on security in the water. During the advanced course we have themed dives such as wreck, drift, night diving, orientation, as well as deep diving.

Wreck dive

The St-Lawrence River region has a rich maritime history, and thus includes numerous underwater structures and wrecks of all types. Some are even accessible from the shore.

Drift dive

Many dive destinations in the world, like Cozumel in Mexico or the Exumas in the Bahamas, have drift diving. Nothing is more pleasurable for a properly trained diver. Nature does all the work. In the St-Lawrence, we find warmer water and greater visibility. There are various drift types available for the delight of local divers.

Night dive

The ultimate Zen experience! Dive a familiar site like it was a first, as our lamp makes colors of the local flora and fauna stand out. In your favorite warm water destinations, your favorite fish act completely different at night.

Orientation dive

You’re impressed with divemasters and instructors who always know where they are going underwater? They have tons of tricks for that, by natural navigation or by compass. During the advanced course you’ll learn a few of their tricks.

Deep dive

This dive is quite intriguing! New divers are often apprehensive of this dive, but deep diving is quite safe if properly planned. Oftentimes, students tell us they didn’t feel any different. The instructor‘s goal is to show you the subtle differences caused by narcosis.

This course is much more practical than theoretical. It’s even possible to do the dives before doing your knowledge reviews. After this certification and with a bit of experience, the divers certified by Total Diving will be true advanced divers, in every sense of the word. We offer many scuba diving outings geared towards advanced divers based on their experience.

Who should enroll in the PADI Advanced Open Water course?

We truly believe that all divers who wish to get more out of their scuba diving take the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course. Divers who take their advanced as well as their beginner course have double the amount of dives with an instructor. The diver will be more competent and more confident. There is a difference between training and experience. Training never hinders the positive evolution of a diver.

I’ve taken another beginner diving course from another association than PADI. Can I still do the course?

All dive recognized diving associations have a similar program. This facilitates transfers between training agencies. The objectives are similar but teaching methodology is different. PADI uses a tried and tested teaching model and learning material for over 40 years.

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