Sola Photo 1200

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The Sola Photo 1200 from Light & Motion is the ideal companion for underwater photography.
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Are you interested in having beautiful photos from all your diving adventures? The Sola Photo 1200 is the perfect camera focus light because it includes a red beam that goes undetected by underwater critters. You can snap amazing memories without disturbing the underwater world. This light is the most compact and brightest in its class, and provides power and flexibility for its users.


The Sola Photo 1200 features a 1200 lumen white light and a 300 lumen red output certified to the highest standard. With regulated output, this light ensures that it will not dim when in use. Constant control will mean better photos. Plus, the factory sealed body ensures flood-free performance and long-term reliability. This light is also extremely travel friendly because of its size and weight. It’s approved for both carry-on and check-in luggage.

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