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The most famous dive regulator on the market is being redesigned.
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The Classic Regulator Re-Engineered

The all-new “Legend 3” regulator is a complete redesign of Aqua Lung’s bestselling regulator. As underwater breathing technology evolves, Aqua Lung is bringing the best new features in terms of capability, performance, and style. The third iteration of the Legend is, according to Total Diving’s regional representative, the most capable, most versatile, and easiest-breathing regulator to date from Aqua Lung.

Three Models for the Third Issue of the Legend

The new line of LEG3ND products will feature three regulators: the LEG3ND, the LEG3ND MBS, and the LEG3ND Elite.


The entry-level model of the redesigned Legend will feature a soft touch control of the venturi switch, an Auto-Closure Device to keep contaminants out of the important zones of your regulator, and the first stage exchange surface is 70% larger than the previous model to reduce ice formation. What this means is that the LEG3ND is the perfect regulator for someone looking for cold-water capabilities, an easy-breathing, overbalanced regulator, and a few added features. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but sometimes this is all you need.


The LEG3ND MBS stands for Master Breathing System and it refers to how the venturi and inhalation systems work. In essence, the MBS is a step-up from the entry-level LEG3ND’s soft touch control. The valve on the MBS is the same as the one on the Legend LX Supreme. In addition, the MBS also uses an Auto-Closure Device, and the first stage exchange surface is 70% larger than the previous model. In addition, MBS has a bit of added colour in its design, to keep you looking stylish.

The LEG3ND Elite

The piece de resistance of the new LEG3ND line-up is the LEG3ND Elite. Although the two other Legend products in this lineup are definitely worth trying, the Elite is the perfect regulator for divers who are obsessed with precision. In addition to the MBS system, there are pieces of the regulator that can be fine tuned to you liking, so that every part of your diving experience is customized just for you. Along with the Auto-Closure Device and the advanced heat reduction, the LEG3ND Elite is lightweight and stylish.

A Take on the Glacia?

Though we don’t have any great pictures yet, rumour has it that the LEG3ND line’s first stage component is similar to the Legend Glacia regulator, which was engineered specifically for harsh, cold water. The superior breathing performance of the Glacia is why it was redeveloped for the new Legend 3 lineup. Similar to the Apeks MTX-R, the Glacia was meant to thrive in the cold. 

Other features will be described and released when Total Diving begins selling the LEG3ND!

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