Kahnawake Quarry

Closing, Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Opening scheduled May 4 for the 2019 season

Total Diving is proud to offer the only local dive site close to the city of Montreal that offers you 100 feet/30 metres of depth for both training and adventuring.

The exploration of the quarry by scuba divers was made possible through the valuable collaboration and years of experience between the Mohawks and Total Diving!

Total Diving uses the Kahnawake Quarry almost exclusively for dive training of all different levels.

Total Diving wants to support local diving. so we offer access to this nice and secure dive site to everyone!

What better way to relax underwater than only a few minutes away from Montreal !


Tuesdays 16:00 until end of the night dive

Saturday 9:00 until end of the night dive

Sunday 9:00 until 17 :00

The dive site can close without notice, especially if weather conditions do not allow secure diving.

You must register in person with our supervisor. You must show a valid dive card from a known organization and the certificate of qualification in recreational subaquatic diving (FQAS form).

The access fee is 20$, payable in cash on site. For those of you taking classes with Total Diving, it is already included in the training price. Instructors from other dive centers are welcome.

The quarry access is on road 132 in Kahnawake. Please use the following map for directions (Google map)

8km from Mercier bridge