Innovative Scuba Mini Tech Gauge

Innovative's Mini Tech Pressure Gauge is perfect for technical diving, deep diving and other environment diving activities. Read more...

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Small and compact, the Gauge can be mounted out-of-the-box into a high pressure (HP) port of a first stage, or with the adapted and included air spool on the end of a standard legnth high pressure hose. The advantage lies when used with stage bottles, safety stop bottles, decompression, and when a full size gauge is not required. The Gauge features the same bright, white face for easy reading, Viton O-Ring and air spool that can be plugged into an HP hose, and a wide 210 degree sweep.


  • Bright, white face is easy to read
  • Ready to mount directly to a HP port of first stage
  • Ready to mount directly to a HP hose
  • Airspool and inline adapter included
  • Viton o-rings with airspool
  • Viton gauge o-ring
  • Gauge face is luminescent
  • Wide 210º sweep
  • Available in both psi and bar
  • Sleek design clamshell packaging