HP Spool Swivel w/ Shoulder

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Don’t let an air leakage ruin your vacation. There is nothing worse than being unprepared, and ruining a dive! Between the High Pressure Hose and the Pressure Gauge, or computer, is a brass pin with an O-Ring, known as an air-spool.
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It is such a simple, yet immensely important part of your equipment that can make or break your diving vacations. Carrying a spare air-spool is highly recommended, because for only a few extra dollars, you can be prepared with a Air-Spool. Made from brass, the air spool sports a chrome-plated finish and comes set with 2 Viton O-Rings. It is compatible with nitrox equipment, and is designed specifically for Pressure Gauges that require air spools. The perfect addition to your Save-A-Dive Kit!


  • Made of a solid brass
  • Required swivel between HP hose and SPG


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