Ice Diving Course

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For those who love the extreme nature of diving, and a level of respect from other divers, the Ice Diver Specialty course is the solution.
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  • PADI Certification Card

Required Scuba Gear:

  • Complete Scuba Gear (Rental Available)
  • 2 diving tanks/day (Rental Available)
  • Basic equipements fins, mask, snorkel & diving boots
  • Dive Knive

Recommended Scuba Gear:

  • Drysuit (Rental Available)
  • Dive light


  • Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Medically fit to dive
  • 18 years old

Course Description

If you’re looking to up your game as a diver, ice diving might be the perfect solution. Not only is it extremely challenging, but ice diving also offers a whole new world of exploration. This specialty is perfect for those who live right here in Quebec and can’t stand waiting for summer! Ice diving gives you the opportunity to adventure all year round.

The Ice Diver course from PADI emphasizes teamwork as the main principle for becoming a successful ice diver. The course teaches you both the roles and the responsibilities of being a support personnel, tender or a safety diver. You’ll learn about different types of ice, how to properly select a site for your dives, and effective preparation in order to keep yourself and your buddies safe. There are also a variety of emergency procedures that are covered in the course that will make you a better diver no matter where you are. Throughout three dives, closely supervised by a trained PADI professional, you will learn how to use specialized ice diving equipment, various signals and communication techniques, line tending and line-securing techniques, as well as how to handle problems.

If you’re an experienced diver looking for a thrill and to expand your range as a diver, this course is perfect for you.

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