Sea Drops Anti-Fog

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The fog is formed because the air inside the mask is at a higher temperature than the mask, which causes condensation on the lenses of the mask. The surface of these is formed of small cavities where the condensed water is deposited and obstructs our visi
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Preparing the mask

Basically, a new mask tends to fog more frequently because manufacturers cover the masks with silicone-based waxes to preserve them and add shine to the glass. It is this wax that prevents demisting the mask and must be removed to solve the problem. There are several ways to proceed. One of them is using a substance called Sea Buff that is semi-abrasive and designed specifically for that purpose. Just apply a few drops inside and rub a while. Otherwise, it is possible to do the same thing by using toothpaste and a toothbrush by gently brushing, however the toothpaste is not specially designed for this, and it can be too abrasive and therefore damage the glass of the mask. There is also another method, which consists of burning the wax on the inner surface of the glass of the mask with a lighter and moving the flame constantly so as not to damage the glass. Of all the methods proposed, it is not the easiest to perform since leaving the flame too long in the same place can damage the glass. However, the method works as well as the others offered.

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