High Pressure Steel Cylinders 100 cf

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Steel cylinders will change your diving forever. Faber is the authority in diving cylinders, and can offer you a range unlike any other. Selling 100,000 tanks yearly is no easy feat, unless you have the products to match.
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All Faber Tanks and valves are nitrox-ready right out of the box.

Faber’s Valve allows the diver to remove lead weight from their belt or weight system, allowing better distribution of weight. This feature provides a considerable advantage when wearing a back inflation wing-style BCD.Unlike aluminum cylinders, steel cylinders are negatively buoyant, which allows you to shed excess lead throughout the dive.

Faber HP100 features

  • Long lasting durability with triple protected finish. Process includes a zinc galvanizing spray, followed  an epoxy paint and then a top coat of polyurethane
  • Manufactured using the deep draw process with Chromium Molybdenum steel
  • Phosphatized-cleaned internal surface- an industry exclusive


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15 Feb 2018
Scott McGregor
Best tank purchase ever. I used to think aluminum tanks were best, but when I realized I could take weight off of my bcd to compensate, add the fact they last for a lifetime with minimal maintenance steel is the way to go!