Dry Suit Diver Course

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Diving with a drysuit allows you to enjoy scuba diving around Montreal, all year round. In fact... It allows you to have more fun diving anywhere in the World! There are divers using drysuits in Florida! To dive often, comfort and warmth matter.
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The PADI Dry Suit Diver Specialty Course is a great way to extend your diving season way past the autumn season in Montreal. There are lots of misconceptions about diving with a dry suit. For example, they’re not just meant for ice diving. Being comfortable and warm underwater is important to having a good time during your dive. If you’re focused on your freezing legs, then the dive isn’t as fun. That’s why people enjoy using a dry suit in all kinds of conditions.

The Course

This course allows you to discover what style of dry suit you enjoy using, how to dress appropriately dress underneath the suit, as well as how to get in and take off the suit. Through two open water dives and one confined dive, you’ll learn the secrets to taking care of a dry suit, as well as how to master buoyancy and new dive safety procedures in this environment. As soon as you try on your dry suit, you’ll feel the difference and diving might feel a bit weird at first. This is why we give you ample opportunity in a small group to master your new skill!


To become a certified PADI Dry Suit Diver, you must be at least 10 years old and certified as a PADI Open Water Diver or higher. We require you to fill out a medical form to ensure that you’re healthy enough to dive. Besides that, this course is extremely accessible and is a great way to practice your diving.


Included in the price above is your PADI Dry Suit Diving Specialty manual (available in English and French), your certification card which will be mailed to you upon completion, and a dry suit rental for the pool session. We require you to rent your dry suit for your two open water dives (at our low student price), your undergarments, your complete scuba gear, and two tanks. We also require that you have wool socks, and your fins, mask, and snorkel ready to go!

Getting Started With Us

We offer this course on weekends throughout the peak diving season, so there’s always room for more people. To book your date, schedule with us online, over the phone, or stop by our flagship to discuss more details. Total Diving is ready to help you get certified.

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