Deep Diver Specialty Course

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Ever wonder what’s further down there? The deep is both exciting and mysterious. Who knows what kind of magical creatures you’ll encounter while well beyond the regular depths of your dives?
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  • PADI Deep Diver Manual
  • PADI Certification Card

Required Scuba Gear:

  • Complete Scuba Gear (Rental Available)
  • 2 diving tanks/day (Rental Available)
  • Basic equipements fins, mask, snorkel & diving boots
  • Dive computer (Rental Available)

Recommended Scuba Gear:

  • Dive light
  • Slate
  • Reel


  • Adventure Diver
  • Medically fit to dive
  • 15 years old


The training is split into a theoretical evening at the dive shop and 4 deep dives in 2 days on the weekend. Diving usually takes place at the Kahnawake Quarry. Some instructors like to add a dive in the St. Lawrence River.


Thankfully, there’s a way you can confidently continue your adventures. The Deep Diver Specialty course allows you to dive down to 130 feet/40 meters, well beyond the limitations of your Open Water certification. This specialty course is ideal for thrill seekers, and people looking to go further in their diving education.

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