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Founded in 2004 in Richmond, British Columbia by Bruch Partridge, Shearwater Research is the leading Canadian manufacturer of diver computers and rebreather electronics for technical diving. Shearwater computers were designed with two objectives in mind: to be easy to use and read, and to be compatible with all forms of technical diving.

As a Canadian company, Shearwater Research was one of the first dive computer manufacturers to use a full-colour display in diving. Shearwater also introduced bluetooth technology to the Predator, for easier synchronization with their software, making them a driving force in the diving industry. The move to bluetooth was done to create a dive computer that could be used on multiple operating systems.

Today, Shearwater manufactures dive computers that are recognized as being the best by technical divers all over the world. Products such as the Petrel, the Perdix and the NERD are the best technical diving computers on the market. Shearwater’s rebreather technology is also known by many as being the best in the world.

Shearwater continues to offer the same exceptional customer service to its customers all across Canada, and the rest of the world.

1,399.00 CAD Excl. tax
1,075.00 CAD Excl. tax
Petrel 2 Stand Alone
1,075.00 CAD Excl. tax
Petrel 2 - Fischer
1,495.00 CAD Excl. tax
450.00 CAD Excl. tax
Nerd 2
2,000.00 CAD Excl. tax