Why and How to Choose a Dive Computer

Why you need your own computer



Owning a dive computer means that you’re able to make your dives about you. Using computers that have been tossed around rental services can work, but because so many different kinds of divers are using them, the computer will make assumptions about the kind of person you are. You are a unique diver that has a different style, body and experience than others. Your own dive computer will be able to make assumptions about your diving, and therefore making your experience that much better. Plus, if it’s yours, you won’t have to worry about whether the computer has been taken care of! You’ll know better than anyone that your computer is ready to go when you are.

Less Stress

Scuba diving is a really fun activity that allows you to explore the underwater world! There’s no reason why diving should be stressful, which is why getting a dive computer is a smart move. Computers are used to calculate all sorts of different aspects of your dive for you, so you won’t have to worry about remembering anything in particular. Diving is all about hitting the water and having fun, which is the way it should be! Your dive gear is designed to make your life easier both in and out of the water.

The Log Book is made simple

Filling out your dive Log Book is an important part of being a scuba diver. It helps you to keep track of your experiences, accomplishments and dive trips. The information you write down is also important, but sometimes it becomes difficult to remember certain numbers, or gauges become less reliable, etc. Using a dive computer makes filling out your Log Book a breeze. Just use the USB cable to download your dive analytics to a desktop or laptop and you’ll be able to access all the logistics from your last dive. Some computers have features that will keep a certain amount of data about your last dives stored so you can download them at any time.

You’ll look great!

Of course, diving isn’t about looking good. But, it doesn’t hurt if you do. Dive computers come in different styles and sizes and have different functionalities. Some dive computers can be used as sports watches, or even dress watches. There are plenty of different styles to choose from that will fit your lifestyle!

How to choose your own dive computer

Now that you know about all the benefits of owning a personal dive computer, it’s time to start looking for one! It might seem a bit daunting at first, since there is a wide range of selection, but there are certain ideas and features that you should keep in mind before investing. Here’s how to choose your own dive computer.

First thing’s first…

Choosing the right dive computer starts with deciding what kind of diver you are, and what kind of diving you’ll be doing! There’s no use in buying a computer without air integration or nitrox if you know you want to venture into the world of tech diving. Actually, diving nitrox is a given nowadays, for everybody. It’s important to know: where do you like to dive? What kind of diving are you doing? What’s your price range? Coming prepared is important, but if you’re ever unsure about anything, our experts can help you figure it all out.

Wrist or Console?

Dive computers are usually separated into two categories: wrist or console. Wrist computers can, obviously, be worn on the wrist and are sometimes small and stylish enough to be worn outside the water. They are easy to carry around anywhere you go. Consoles are generally bigger and have wider displays, and can be worn as on the regulator or on your wrist. Both of these options are worth considering when choosing a dive computer, seeing as they have different benefits for different scuba divers. The size of the display on the dive computer also makes a difference. People who need glasses might be better suited with a larger screen, while some people may want a smaller feel in general. Choosing is all about knowing.


Are you currently a Nitrox diver? Are you interested in using Nitrox mixes? Many dive computers currently come with Nitrox capabilities so that you can be sure everything is running smoothly underwater. Whether you’re using 36% or a custom mix, having Nitrox capability on a computer makes diving a lot simpler. This feature is common on many computers! Nowadays, you should always dive nitrox. It’s widely available and it’s better.

Visual Alarms

Being underwater is a serene and totally immersive experience. Sometimes we get so caught up exploring that we need gentle reminders. Choosing a dive computer with visual alarms is smart because it can make your dives that much safer. This feature is not standard on all models, so make sure to check that your dive computer has it.


Many dive computers these days are starting to resemble phones. With beautiful graphics and colourful screens, computers are easier to read underwater and are more aesthetically pleasing. Choosing a high-quality screen is an option that will let you have a more enjoyable time. You’ll only need a single glance while diving to find out how deep you are, instead of looking at a grey screen and taking more time.

Air Integration and Transmitter Compatibility

With the help of a transmitter, divers are now able to switch between gas mixes during their dives. This technology is extremely useful, and not entirely unattainable for the standard recreational diver! Lots of recreational divers think that this kind of feature isn’t useful for diving on vacation or just for fun. However, using a transmitter is super simple! Plus, if you’re not ready to buy a transmitter, you can still purchase a computer with transmitter capability. When you’re ready to make the jump, all you need to do is buy a transmitter. For technical divers, air integration is a must, and there are tons of different styles to choose from.


Night diving is an exciting way to discover wildlife you’ve never seen before. Plus, being underwater at night is an entirely different experience from daytime diving. If you’ve been night diving, or ever want to, having a dive computer with substantial backlighting is extremely important. This feature comes standard on most models, but making sure it’s included will help you with your diving in the long run.


Bluetooth technology is essential on so many of our day-to-day electronics. Why not choose it for your dive computer? Features like downloading your Log Book information is made simpler by using Bluetooth. No more expensive cables that get lost or get damaged on vacation. All divers, recreational, technical and professional, will enjoy this feature.

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