What does NITROX mean?

Air is made of 20.95% oxygen, 78.08% nitrogen and less than 1% of all other gases. By adding oxygen to a diving tank, we increase the % of oxygen and decrease the % of nitrogen.

The no-decompression limit time underwater is directly related to the nitrogen accumulation in your body’s tissues. For example, the no-deco limit for a 60 feet dive with air (21% oxygen) is only 55 minutes using the PADI air table. This is a rather short period of time to explore the underwater world and admire the marine life.

Adding oxygen, to 36%, brings down the nitrogen level to about 64% and your recreational no-deco limit would now become 115 minutes! This is more than enough time to explore and makes your adventures more memorable.

Essentially, becoming a Nitrox diver helps you stay underwater for longer, giving you entirely different experiences while scuba diving.

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Be prepared for your next adventure and begin your PADI Enriched Air Diver course today!

Sebastien Savignac
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