The Five Best Places To Dive On Earth

Scuba diving is an amazing way to discover the earth, and there are thousands of dive sites to explore! Going on vacation is fun, but going on vacation to dive is even better. At Total Diving, we love exploring dive sites, both local and abroad. We asked some of our instructors about their favourite dive destinations on earth. Here are the five best places to dive on the planet!

Coron Island- Philippines

The Calamian Islands, also known as Coron, are a group of islands located south of Manila that feature some of the best diving in the world primarily because of its Japanese World War Two-era shipwrecks. Some of these wrecks are even accessible to Open Water Divers! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you’ll enjoy dive spots such as Irako and Barracuda Lake. Also, Coron Island has crystal clear water and many kinds of terrestrial activities to enjoy during your stay.

Galapagos Islands- Ecuador

Surely if you have friends who dive, they’ve told you about the deep blue waters of the Galapagos Islands! The most popular island for divers is Darwin Island because of its beautiful geologic formations and its unique sea life. Darwin Island also features El Arco, one of the most renowned dive sites on the planet. Although you can definitely dive as an Open Water Diver, it is recommended to obtain your Advanced Open Water certification so that you can experience different kinds of dives while you’re there. The Galapagos are a bucket list destination by any standard.

Bonaire- South Caribbean

Bonaire is known as the shore diving capital of the world for its beautiful and accessible coral reefs. This Dutch Caribbean island is known for its marine life preservation tactics. Because of the work that has been done over the past 35 years, almost 500 different species of fish live in the area. There are basically no currents in the area, and there are also various wrecks that are waiting to be explored. Bonaire is extremely accessible to the Open Water Diver, and is also a great area to obtain a new certification! Also, Bonaire’s water is so clear that photographers will adore the conditions to take shots.  

Catalina Island- United States

Set off the Avalon coast less than 30 miles away from the busy streets of Los Angeles, Catalina Island is a fantastic diving destination within the United States. Its main feature are its beautiful kelp forests that are teeming with marine life. The forests that make Catalina Island so special are accessible to Open Water Divers closer to the shore, but more experienced divers will enjoy sites like Eagle Reef and Blue Caverns. These sites have stronger currents and are deeper, so they pose more of a challenge. Life on the island is exciting, and the temperatures are considered tropical! Catalina Island is a must-see next time you’re in South California.

Truk Lagoon- Micronesia

Located in the Pacific, Truk Lagoon is definitely one of the top wreck diving destinations on earth. Over 100 sunken World War Two ships and aircrafts are resting in the Lagoon, and they’re not very far off the shore. Crystal clear waters allow for excellent photography. Open Water Divers will enjoy Truk Lagoon, but it is encouraged to become a certified Advanced Open Water Diver to enjoy more wrecks. The warm tropical water is a great place to learn about some of the biggest naval losses in history.

Christina Papageorgakopoulos
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