Popular Diving "Fake News"

Divers are some of the coolest people around. They always have insane stories to tell, want to have a good time, and would love to see more of their friends start diving. Unfortunately, there are a lot of popular misconceptions about diving that make it harder for us to recruit new divers. The internet and popular culture are powerful, and it’s why so many of these myths have become commonplace in our imaginations. Here are some of the most popular diving misconceptions, and why they’re not as truthful as the internet and movies make them seem.



One of the most circulated misconceptions in and around Total Diving is that in order to enjoy scuba diving, you have to buy an expensive plane ticket to a tropical destination far away from home and spend lots of money there. This is simply not true. There are so many wonderful locations in and around the island of Montreal! In the 3-hour drive range, there are tons of wrecks, deep spots, and interesting dives available. You can find adventure close to home. All you have to do is look! A great way to experience some of the local dive spots is to complete your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification. Our instructors take you to different spots, either in Quebec or just next door in Ontario, to learn about our different local sites. Sure, seeing colourful fish in warm water is fun, but so is seeing a wreck and using a dry suit!



In the media, people like to think of diving as being something people do at 100+ feet at all times, where all the interesting creatures live. While it’s sometimes true that there are cool things to see at greater depths, you don’t always have to go deeper to see the best of what the underwater world has to offer. Although you can become a seasoned diver with lots of experience at extreme depths, it’s also perfectly okay to enjoy only going down to 30 or 40 feet. Some people never go much further than the 60 feet allowed with the PADI Open Water Diver license! There are also lots of perks to diving at a more shallow depth, including that the colours will be brighter, there will be more animal life, your air will last longer, and it will be warmer. Not to mention that the risks of diving are not as severe when closer to the surface. Don’t be fooled by the people who discredit beautiful reef diving at 30 feet!

Level of Danger


Again, the movies and media are the culprits in making scuba diving out to be some extremely dangerous and scientific sport. Sure, compared to other sports like hockey, skiing, baseball and more, diving seems to be a lot more dangerous. However, this just isn’t true for many reasons. First, you’re a lot less likely to sustain an injury like breaking a bone from diving because of how relaxed being in the water is. There’s no high-level contact the way that sports like football does, so there’s no reason be worried. Second, dive instructors, especially at Total Diving, are trained to make sure you’re taught everything to stay as safe as possible in the water! Diving is not inherently dangerous, but problems can arise if people do not follow the strict safety regulation.



Worried that you’re not a Michael Phelps in the pool? Don’t worry about it. While you have to know how to swim, you definitely don’t need to be an Olympic athlete. Even some weaker swimmers will be able to enjoy the calmness of diving. After all, diving doesn’t require insane strength or fitness in the water. All you need is to be able to spend as little energy as possible, not to waste your air, and have fun. Being relaxed is key! While you certainly need to be healthy to dive, you don’t need to be an incredible swimmer.



Hands down the propagated lie about diving is that diving around sharks is deadly and that they attack constantly. Tons of movies have been made about the dangers of sharks, and how they want to consume blood. Just look at Jaws. Fortunately, shark attacks are so rare, you’re more likely to be killed by a vending machine. Usually, sharks are shy and don’t like to come into contact with humans. When you’re underwater, you’ll be able to observe sharks and watch how they move while keeping a safe distance. There’s nothing to it. It’s truly unfortunate that the media has made sharks out to be vicious killers, when in reality they’re just big fish.

Who is Total Diving

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