PADI Scuba Lessons in Montreal – Why?

Why should I start my PADI Open Water diver certification in Montreal?

The short answer: Because you have better things to do during your vacations – like enjoying the underwater world without having to do homework!

The long answer: Because your life matters.

Let’s talk about it.

Learning to dive is as easy as 1-2-3. Yet, it requires some “learning” – especially if you want to do it in a safe way. You'll be underwater, buddy! And… Let me guess… You want to come back to the surface alive, right?

During your vacations, not only do you want to have fun – you don’t want to go back to your hotel room to do your homework – but, on top of that, your head is not in “learning mode”. It’s possible the margaritas at the pool bar have something to do with that, eh?

So… Here’s a smart way to both learn how to dive, be a better diver, enjoy diving more – and have better vacations: Learn to dive in an indoor heated pool right here in Montreal before heading down South.

Makes sense, eh?

What will I do in Montreal for my PADI Open Water Diver course?

Yes – The “PADI Open Water Diver” course is the basic entry-level training for scuba diving.

Once you’ve purchased your course from Total Diving, we’ll give you access to the theory part, online. You can do it at home or at work - but don’t tell your boss we said that! And don’t worry! It may be called “the theory part” but it’s full of fun videos! You’ll see a few less cats and dogs than on Facebook though – gotta warn you!

After the theory, we’ll jump into the pool with you and have fun. Because you are learning to dive here in Montreal, before your vacations, you will have all the time you want to learn and practice. You will be glad you’ve done that when you arrive in Cozumel, Roatan, Bahamas or wherever you’re heading to thaw out of the Montreal freezer!

So what’s the next step: Book the course online right now! Then talk to us to get it all scheduled and organized in a way that fits your schedule.


Be safe. Learn to dive in Montreal.

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