Legend Regulator Review

Breathing is an innate act that we practice throughout our existence, and most of the time we don’t even notice it. When you come to think of t, before we were born, we did not have to breathe. In our early hours, we are all beings in aqueous environments, it is by the navel that we have reached our essential oxygen. It is only later, in the first acts and tears of newborn life, that we are changing our environment and doing the same thing, breathing in oxygen. Our lungs are impressive organs with an average volume of 6 liters. Whether you're relaxed or out of breath, they will always be there for us. As a diver, I find that we have a special relationship with the breathing of our underwater adventure.

Respiratory Comfort

When you think about it, it's amazing to be able to do what you do, that is, put on equipment and put yourself in the shoes of a fish for a dive. If Jacques Cousteau had existed before the invention of gills, no one would have had this experience. The current diving system is very efficient and makes it accessible to everyone. When I started diving, despite my ease in the water, I could easily get lost in the technical aspects. The breathing gave me a hard time feeling unnatural or difficult at times. Obviously, it's quite normal at the beginning, but the equipment we use plays a big role. Some regulators require more effort than others to move the diaphragm and let air into the lungs. This effort varies from one regulator to another and at a certain point, if it is too high, it can lead to some discomfort or even a headache. Personally, I dive with the Legend LX Supreme from Aqua Lung, and having tried other models before this one I can confirm that it is the most comfortable and easy to breathe out of. It is obviously easier to be able to appreciate the environment when one does not have to concentrate on a forced and unnatural breathing.

All In a Regulator

Another reason to choose the Legend is its beautiful finish that gives it a unique appearance. It is compact and makes it perfect for carrying easily without taking up too much space, making it ideal for travel or expeditions. This is a gem that is just as effective in cold water as in temperate water, which is essential for diving in Quebec since our waters are not among the hottest. In addition, it is sealed so as to be protected from harmful water infiltration. The Legend is a high-end regulator and you can feel it by using it. A regulator is an important piece of equipment, if not the most important, and I think it should be chosen so that it meets its needs and comfort criteria. In my case, I have nothing but positive things to say about the regulator and I recommend it without hesitation. I do not think that you can go wrong in purchasing it and one try should be enough to convince you.

The legend is a regulator that will not displease you and you will see that the performance and breathing comfort it offers are up to its name and reputation. Using it is perfect to make the most of your dives and have memorable experiences.


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Alexandre Goudreau
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