Get Ready: Aqua Lung is Releasing a New Legend!

What Does Aqua Lung Have In Store?

The LEG3ND is a line-up of all-new, redesigned regulators from Aqua Lung. The third iteration of the classic Legend regulator is coming to Total Diving soon. All the greatest features from when this regulator originally hit the market will be included, plus lots of extras. The most famous dive regulator on the planet is not only getting a new look, but it will be, according to our sources, the most capable and versatile regulator that Aqua Lung has ever created.

Why Do I Want This Regulator?

Not only did Aqua Lung come out with a brand-new version of the Legend LX Supreme, but they also created a line of three new products that each have a level of precision to help you make memories underwater. Of course it’s easy to say that you definitely want one of the new LEG3ND regulators, but there’s a reason why: The Legend is the all-time bestseller, and it’s being revamped so that the diver is in complete control. Precision is becoming even more important for divers today, which is probably what inspired Aqua Lung’s team to re-engineer the Legend to include more precision features.

What Else Do We Know?

As of right now, we know that all three new versions of the LEG3ND’s first stage are somewhat based off of the Legend Glacia. The Glacia was created for harsh, cold water, and is extremely rugged. Part of the new addition to the Legend is the radiator from the Glacia, that performs similarly to the Apeks MTX-R. This means that the Legend’s breathability will increase, which will make diving even more comfortable.

We also know that the designs on the LEG3ND line-up are absolutely stunning. The look has been redesigned on all three of the products. Here’s a colour hint: If you like blue, you should be excited!


Christina Papageorgakopoulos
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