Become a Better Scuba Diver

Scuba diving… What a sport! How can you not fall in love with this sensation? The feeling of lightness and slow motion, as if nothing else is more important than breathing and flowing with the rhythm of the currents, is unique. When I started diving, I was already addicted, I am still hooked, and I am very excited about the return of the season. I cannot help but think that we look like awkward astronauts underwater with all our equipment and an environment so different from the one on the ground. Finally, the more we dive and improve, the less awkward we look. Becoming a better diver isn’t complicated! Just dive often, continue your courses, and integrate into the community to have access to all the veteran experience. It’s simple


At first, like everything else, diving requires some adaptation. I remember when I first started, it wasn’t always easy to control my buoyancy. You have to get used to breathing and with each breath and exhale you ascend and descend just a little bit. Our lungs are like inflatable balloons and can be used to precisely control our movements and position in the water without necessarily having to add or remove air with the Direct System. Obviously, practice makes perfect. We have a specialty that works on improving buoyancy, known as Peak Performance Buoyancy.

Ease in the Water

Being in the water is not as natural for everyone, and that’s normal! I’m lucky to have always been close to a pool in my life, and in the water I feel like I’m at home. If that’s not the case for you, it doesn’t matter. The more time you spend in the water, the more comfortable you will be. Especially in diving, it’s important to feel comfortable because you immerse yourself under several meters of water with a regulator to breathe, and if one thing is important to keep in mind, it’s that as long as you have your regulator and you keep your cool, you can solve any problem. As you get used to breathing through the regulator, you become more comfortable and you understand how all your equipment works. It comes naturally and you will enjoy your dives even more! In classes, the instructor will help you ease into the water and enjoy.


Diving, diving, and diving is obviously the key to becoming a better diver. Gaining experience allows you to know how to react in certain situations, as everything is made easier when you’ve already done it and you know what works and what doesn’t. It comes with practice, but it’s also possible to use the experience of veteran divers, so it’s a good idea to start integrating into the community and make contacts. It’s a great way to learn, socialize, and discover new dive sites. Why deprive yourself of all that knowledge? In addition, it’s always more fun with more people! We don’t need any reason to dive, whether at the Kahnawake Quarry, in a trip organized by Club H2O, or on a site in our province. Making bubbles is always fun. Besides, Total Diving is a big family, and we’re always ready for a dive. I spend a good part of the summer underwater and if you look for me at the Quarry this summer, I’ll be at the bottom! To stay informed about the activities and trips we organize, you can always follow us on Facebook and follow our Total Diving Buddies group.


I think that another great way to improve is to continue your training, whether you’re doing your Advanced Open Water, Rescue, or different specialties. It’s always ideal to dive with instructors and learn from them. In addition, you learn new things while perfecting your techniques. You don’t have to wait between courses and there’s nothing wrong with doing them one after another. That’s what I did! From Open Water to Rescue Diver, I didn’t have a problem. By continuing your classes, you can discover new aspects of diving. When I did my Advanced Open Water and did a night dive, I really loved the experience and the specialty is now on my to-do list. The more you expose yourself to different environments and situations, the more you’ll know how to act in different circumstances. Moreover, it’s an excellent excuse to dive in Quebec, since we have beautiful sites.

Pleasure Before Performance

While in the beginning of your career, you can easily get lost in some aspects of diving and always want to improve at any cost. Although there is nothing wrong with that and it can even be a good source of motivation to dive again and again, I think that if you put your performance goals before yourself, you become less effective. In the long run, it’s better to just enjoy your dives and try to get a bit better each time. You don’t need to be vigorous. This is what I do and it doesn’t prevent me from improving while working on some technical aspects of my dives. In my opinion, diving is above all, pure and simple pleasure connected to the exploration of a wonderful universe that is everything compared to what’s on the mainland.


Since 1975, Total Diving has continued to provide exceptional services to the scuba diving community. We are the Canadian leaders in diving, and have been Aqua Lung and Apeks’ #1 retailer for the last four years. Our online store provides you with everything you need, without having to come by our signature flagship location in Montreal. As a diving school, we teach our students with great care, and as a world-renowned PADI Career Development Centre, we develop outstanding instructors and divemasters. Stay up to date with diving news, products, and the Total Diving community by reading our blogs. We aren’t just a store, we’re a family that only gets bigger with each new diver.


Alexandre Goudreau
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