What is the i3 system?

What is i3?

The i3 system is an innovative new buoyancy control system where instead of having a traditional inflator hose, there is a lever stuck to the side of your BCD that moves up and down. The BCD still fits and feels the same when it’s on you, the only difference is how you inflate and deflate while underwater.

How it works

It’s super easy to use! Move the lever up to inflate, or down to deflate your jacket. The inflator hose is inside the system so that you can inflate or deflate in any position. Also, the lever is sensitive and will release air depending on how far its moved up or down. This makes it easier to quickly or slowly inflate and deflate, unlike with a traditional system

Advantages of the i3 System


The i3 system makes one of the most difficult skills to learn in diving easier. Controlling buoyancy takes times to master, and even the best divers have trouble sometimes. Using i3 means that all the unnecessary problems, such as having an out-of-control ascent, are eliminated. You won’t reach for the wrong dump valve anymore. If the case of an emergency, the i3 is stuck to you so you will know how to activate the inflator to establish buoyancy at the surface.

Easy to use

Using the i3 is easy and doesn’t require any extra kind of training. All you need to know is that pulling the lever up will inflate your jacket, and pulling it down will deflate it! It’s intuitive and made to make your life simpler.


Traditional inflators will move around. In situations where you might be diving upside-down, this makes it more complicated to find the inflator hose. The i3 system stays stuck to the side of your BCD, making it convenient to find in any situation. It rests exactly where your left hand would at any given moment, and it’s always in the right place at the right time.


Traditional hoses and inflator system will use pneumatics or hydraulics to activate the Flat E-Valves. However, the i3 system does not use this technology. The risk of failure during a dive due to leaks is essentially eliminated. Push-rod technology, which is famously used in various aircrafts, renders the i3 design simple and robust.

Perfect for any recreational diver

The i3 system is great for new and veteran divers alike. Getting used to this system, as opposed to the traditional hose, is simple.

Christina Papageorgakopoulos
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