Nicolas Sigalo

Nicolas started teaching at Total Diving in 2017.

The beginning

Nicolas has been in water for so long he cannot remember when he really started… As a child, it was snorkeling, as he got older it became scuba diving! He first certification was in 2006 in Australia, on the Great Barrier Reef (talk about a first experience right?!). Unforgettable first time!

He began diving regularly with a Scuba Diving club approximately 500 m from his apartment in Paris. He continued his diving education and collected certifications.

Best part about being an instructor

Helping students discover a new dimension: water. Whether it’s water from the ocean, seas, lakes, rivers…he loves being a part of this discovery. What he loves most about being an instructor is teaching students how to find the calm and relaxing aspect of scuba diving when the skills are controlled and safe.

Personal interests

When he is not diving deep under the water’s surface, he is climbing far above the clouds to the tips of mountains! He loves hiking in mountains, golf, spending time with friends. He also works as a team coach in software development.

Dive locations

All of them were amazing! The initial Great Barrier reef in Australia, the Estartit in Spain, the Red Sea in Egypt, his home Brittany in France (It’s called La Bretagne and it hurts my eyes to see it in English), the cenotes in Mexico, the beautiful Cozumel reefs, the Bahamas… In the Estartit in Spain, during his level 2 certification, he remembers swimming through caves lined with dashed of peeking sunlight, peppered with giant groupers. Just like Cousteau! In Egypt, his first independent 40m dive left a memorable mark as well! The feelings of the descent in crystal clear water with his buddy… indescribable. Yet the best memory Nicolas has to share, is a blessing dive with a beautiful sea turtle in the Red sea.

Advice for beginners

“Do not put too much pressure on yourself. Everyone can dive, sometimes it’s just a question of time to feel comfortable in this new environment and to learn the safety regulations. Often students are stressed by the class and the performance expectations imposed (wrongly) by the group. Remember that you are here to learn and to have a good time! Don’t hesitate to share with your instructor your doubts and such, they will listen and they will find a way to make you feel more at ease and push you to strive for your best.

I’ve often observed students feeling very stressed on required exercises, but very at ease on more fun and spontaneous ones. So once again, just relax and have fun!”

Teaching credentials

Nicolas can teach all of the following certifications:

  • Drift Diver Certification
  • Dry Suit Certification
  • Navigation Certification
  • Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) Certification
  • O2 Provider Certification
  • Deep Diver Certification
  • EFR Certification
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