Big Squeeze Titanium Dive Knife

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The Aqua Lung Big Squeeze dive knife in Titanium will be your greatest tool underwater.
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Have you been looking for a dive knife that has safety features, a sleek design, and integrated connected points? Look no further. Aqua Lung’s Big Squeeze is available in titanium which makes it extremely strong, easy to maintain, and overall one of the best dive knives available on the market today. Read on to learn about some of the features of this product.

Patented Squeeze Lock Design

The Aqua Lung Big Squeeze comes with Aqua Lung’s patented squeeze lock design. When you’re done using your knife, lock your knife securely in its sheath. Ready to use it again? Squeeze the handle and the knife will release quickly. Not sure if it’s secure? Come by our flagship and test it out for yourself. Our divers swear by this product, and so does ScubaLab since the Big Squeeze was the Testers Choice of 2018.

Integration Points

Not sure where to mount your Big Squeeze knife? All of Aqua Lung’s BCD’s feature connection points on the side pocket where you can mount your knife so that the sheath is in optimal position to use your knife. If you’re looking for another way to use your knife, try a leg strap because this knife comes with leg strap channels. No matter what your style is, the Big Squeeze will meet your expectations

Other Features

The Big Squeeze Titanium  is manufactured with high-grade Beta Alloy Titanium with a 10.8cm blade and a 24.2cm overall length. The sheath features drain holes and can withstand superior impact and abrasions. This knife is available in a spear tip design.

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