2mm Sport S-Flex Shorty

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The 2mm Sport S-Flex Shorty from Bare was designed for all watersports, including diving.
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Freedom of Movement

Don’t let your equipment hold you back from the freedom of the open water. The Sport S-Flex Shorty was designed to provide a generous amount of stretch while still keeping you warm where it counts. The performance of this full stretch suit surpasses the competition with ease. Plus, the velvety interior is soft, luxurious, and feels ready to go whenever you are.

Minimalist Design

Bare’s minimalist design was created as an entry-level wetsuit for warm weather or indoor diving. The neoprene blend used is lightweight and allows for a comfortable fit. The ergonomic design and modern shaping allows for a great feel, while still keeping the wetsuit simple. The designers at Bare examined all elements of the wetsuit to create a user-friendly, no-nonsense product.

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